How it work

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1.How to login ?

  • Click on the "login" button in the upper right corner to jump to the login page, and fill in the registration information according to the requirements, you can login, or you can login through the "facebook" association.


2.How to Get Free Product Trial ?

  • Complete the operation process shown in the figure below and get free goods.



  • Click on the "100% OFF" button in the front page to enter the free commodity page, and click on the products you like to enter the commodity details page.


  • Click on the "Add to Task List" button in the merchandise page and fill in the personal Amazon account in the pop-up window. The merchandise will be in the task list of the personal account of HT800.


  • In order to find personal tasks more easily, users can also go directly to the task list to find tasks with the "My task" blue button in the upper right corner of the stand-alone page.


3.How to Get Free Products ?

  • Find the free item in the personal task list and click "See Link" to go to Amazon's product page to complete the purchase.

  • After purchasing Amazon products, go back to the HT800 task list, click the "process" button on the task received, and enter the order number and the amount of Amazon products on the pop-up window page. This operation must be completed within 2 hours, otherwise the task will automatically fail.


  • Complete the above operation and wait for delivery

4.How to refund ?

  • Complete screenshots of uploaded comments according to task tips, and you will get a refund and an additional bonus.

  • After receiving the goods, the user needs to comment on the Amazon merchandise order, then go back to the HT800 task list, click the "process" button on the merchandise task, upload the screenshot of Amazon merchandise review on the pop-up window page, and then refund within 1-7 days, and get an additional reward.



  • Special circumstances: Some free goods do not need to upload screenshots of commentary prints, and can be refunded within 1-7 days after submitting orders and amounts for Amazon merchandise, with additional incentives.

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