Buyer Q&A

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  • What is HT800?

  • HT800 is a discount website for Amazon products which collects the latest deals to help buyers save money. Every user can choose the products they would like to buy and purchase them on Amazon at the lowest price.

  • How do I get a 100% discount on HT800?

  • You can grab the quotas which are marked with a 100% discount on HT800 and then purchase the product on Amazon. After that, please submit your order details to us and we will refund your money. Please notice that the deal you claim is only valid within 30 minutes.

  • How should I submit my order to HT800?

  • After finishing your purchase on Amazon, please sign into your account and click on 'My Deals' > Submit Order Info to submit your order information within 30 minutes. Or, the refund request will expire.

  • Why are my deal request failing?

  •  The number of the products requests has reached the limit set by the seller.

  • You have to finish the previous deal request within 30 minutes before you can request another one.

  • How can I leave a product review on HT800?

  • After your order has been refunded, you will be able to leave a review for it. Click on 'My Points' and find the option to write your review.


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